Kevin J. (Yelp) 
San Diego HVAC & Air Conditioning 4/24/2017
I just had my ac unit installed and what can I say other then AWESOME!!! That not only goes to the air conditioner itself but to James and Cali Air. As most of the other reviews state, James goes into detail of pretty much the entire process and what you can expect so you are not blindsided.
There was a minor issue with my satellite dish being in the way during the initial install . James was more then professional and courteous about the situation and we rescheduled to another day to give me time to have the dish company come out and re position it. Even after the job  was done and the cleanup complete, he took the time to walk me through what he did and even the functions on the remote for the ac.
I am having a lot of work done inside my condo with different companies. I only wish that James could do drywall repair, trim work etc... Do not look any place else other then Cali Air for your air conditioner needs.

Tami Fitzpatrick ( 
San Diego HVAC & Air Conditioning 1/31/2017
Thank you to those who posted recommending James. My heater went out yesterday (thank goodness it wasn't a week or two ago!) I called James and he was here within 2 hours. It was only a fuse , he repaired it quick and his price was very reasonable. James is considerate ( asked me if I would like him to wear shoe covers), respectful of our home and belongings, and personable. I will definitely call him for any additional HVAC issues. Thanks Nextdoor for the great recommendation!

ML M. (Yelp) 
San Diego HVAC & Air Conditioning 1/19/2017
James is a wonderful person to deal with--very, very helpful and nice! It turned out that the job we had hoped he could do involved too much carpentry, so we do need to get a contractor, but James gave me lots of info about what is needed as far as replacing our old (1986) unit. He did extensive research and gave me clear detailed info to pass on to the contractor. He spent a lot of time with my initial phone call, evaluation site visit, and research, and he didn't charge anything. He is just a very great guy, and I highly recommend Cali Air!

Rob Wilkerson ( 
San Diego HVAC & Air Conditioning 6/22/2016
After 20 years of owning and operating PowerSource, my electrical contracting company, I've been referring all my clients to James at Cali Air. Everyone has been really satisfied with him! (619) 708-1481

Leslee G. (Yelp) 
San Diego HVAC & Air Conditioning 4/29/2016
I wanted to install air conditioning in my small 1950's house but was concerned that it would be too expensive or that I couldn't do it at all because I have no central heating system so no ducting. James at Cali Air showed me some alternatives that he said would be more cost effective in my small house and I decided to go with a ductless Fujutsu system that does both heating and air conditioning. He did the work exactly as he said he would, showed up on time both days clean and courteous, and was very trustworthy. When he found out changing the unit at the front of the house to one with higher BTU's was going to cost a couple of hundred more he didn't charge me the difference in price. I had no qualms about leaving to run errands while he was doing the work.
I've had a lot of work done on my house over the past ten years and each time they did ok but I was not completely satisfied. With those other companies, after the sales guy was done and the workmen came it was like night and day, and not in a good way. Even the handy men I hired a couple of times did not impress me with either their work ethic or the work itself, so I figured that's the way it is in the home maintenance professions. This company is different. The sales guy actually did the work and communicated with me during the whole process. He was focused on the customer's needs and dedicated to making me happy. On top of that, he's technically an expert and competent in his work.
My new system works great and it's so quiet I hardly know it's running except that the temperature in my home is now comfortable. I am so impressed that I would highly recommend this company to anyone in San Diego county who needs AC or heater work done. It's not only a local small business but it's run with integrity and class. I'm completely satisfied with my installation and with the system I have.

Adam V. (Yelp)
San Diego HVAC & Air Conditioning 4/17/2016
I recently had the opportunity to work with James and Cali Air while installing a set of Fujitsu ductless mini-split air conditioning units in my home prior to the upcoming summer heat. James came to my house for a free estimate/consultation and helped explain the various options for heating and cooling in my 1940s home in North Park. He explained what would and wouldn't work and answered all my questions without the technical jargon I had run into with others who had provided estimates. The estimate I was given was fair and competitive and his flat-rate pricing was a comfort.
During installation he was professional and punctual, took every precaution to protect my home and belongings and consulted with me while answering all my questions throughout the process. He takes great pride in his workmanship and customer service was always his first priority.
I love to support local businesses and would highly recommend James and Cali Air for anyone looking to get their home ready for what will surely be a hot summer ahead.

Carolyn V. (
San Diego HVAC & Air Conditioning 4/26/2016
Can't say enough about the quality, customer service, expert advice. I had two mini-split A/C units (not window units--but that wasn't an option on this form) installed in a San Diego home, even though I live 500 miles away. It was a relief to know things were handled professionally and promptly when I couldn't be on site myself. You're the best, James!

Max P. (Yelp)
San Diego HVAC & Air Conditioning 3/13/2016
James is the man! He replaced a flex duct in my rental unit attic (during the hot season, no less). I got a few quotes and his was lowest and very fair. It was less than half of what a large (and highly rated) local HVAC company quoted. On top if all of this, James is a really nice guy. Thanks James!

Alyssa P.
San Diego HVAC & Air Conditioning 1/06/2016
I found Cali Air through Home Advisor. I had one other company come out and quote my heater repair before him but when I met James with Cali Air I knew I was going to go with him. He was friendly, honest, and accommodating. He was flexible with my difficult schedule and provided amazing customer service! I would definitely recommend contacting James today!

Andrew A. (  
San Diego HVAC & Air Conditioning 11/17/2015
I discovered James and Cali Air through  A neighbor recommended him, and raved about how he was considerably less expensive than anyone around.
James is the epitome of customer service.  He communicates throughout the entire process, provides a direct quote with no hidden fees, and goes above and beyond to ensure you are completely satisfied with his work.  I cannot speak highly enough about James and his company.
I also appreciate supporting a local company rather than some big corporation that really doesn't care about their customers.  You are merely a number to them.
So do yourself a favor, and contact James today!

Jane D. (Yelp)  
San Diego HVAC & Air Conditioning 9/29/2015
James is a true professional and master of his trade. Our AC went out at the worst time. James responded immediately and came over on a Sunday to scope out what the work would entail on Monday. He was very honest about his pricing and service. The issue ended up being very labor intensive and complicated after he uncovered what was going on beneath our roof but James assured us it would be fixed before anything else he did. He was fast, efficient and a total gentlemen. Our new AC works perfectly and I am not sure another would have been able to do the work or as well. I felt totally comfortable leaving our house open for James to do the work.

Elia G. (Yelp)  
San Diego HVAC & Air Conditioning 9/20/2015
I was immediately impressed with James' professionalism when I first called for an estimate.  He arrived promptly as scheduled and explained everything very well. Having had other estimates (which were all over the board), I had a good idea of what was needed. I decided to go with CaliAir because of the trust James exuded. He is very honest, polite, prompt, transparent and competitively priced. I could tell he is passionate and takes great pride in his work. He did an awesome and meticulous job. I highly recommend him for any of your cooling or heating needs. He is definitely someone you can depend on!!! 

Case J. (Yelp)  
San Diego HVAC & Air Conditioning 8/31/2015
James is awesome. I agree with all of the other reviews. He should encourage more customers to comment on here . I was in a bit of a panic it was Saturday late night when my AC went out and he was there first thing Sunday morning! Naturally I didn't sleep much it was so hot I did not want to go through Sunday and Sunday night again sleepless. I called at least 18 other AC places that were bigger names but of course no one was available or wanted to gouge  the price since it was a Sunday.
James came out quickly he was very pleasant very professional very reasonable explained everything let me know it wasn't a big problem but also why the ac. Went out and how to prevent it later.  He spent time with me on the phone before he even got here.
He spoke with my Home Warranty rep and they even asked him for his number he was so reasonable and pleasant. They Want to add him to their list of vendors especially for emergency weekend or holiday service.
I would call him again in a heartbeat and recommend him to anyone and everyone!! 

Greg F. (Yelp)  
San Diego HVAC & Air Conditioning 8/24/2015
Solid, Solid, Solid!!!
I chose James because no other AC repair advertiser would quote me any type of price on the repair that  James had diagnosed on the phone for me before even seeing my ac unit.
He did the job earlier than scheduled and handled everything in a perfect and professional manner.  I am going to stop writing before this sounds too flattering to be an actual review from an actual customer.
I really liked working with James and would recommend him to anyone.

Peter S. (Yelp)
San Diego HVAC & Air Conditioning 8/5/2015
I used James Kepley for an A/C problem in my condo, on the recommendation of my HOA manager.  As I suspected, a drain line was clogged.  His response time was very rapid, and when he showed up he was extremely fast, efficient, courteous, clean and solicitous of the condition of my home.  I like to think that he learned at least some of these traits during his time as a Marine (like me), but regardless he was the epitome of a professional. He has earned this customer's repeat business in the future.

Michael H. (HomeAdvisor)
San Diego HVAC & Air Conditioning 7/31/2015
James Kepley was prompt, on time, man of his word which is rare these days and finished on time. System has been working as promised.

Gilbert Barnes
San Diego HVAC & Air Conditioning 6/29/2015
I am in the apartment development business, and I have worked with many many subcontractors over the years. So last Saturday, our Air Conditioner failed,. We have a Rheem 4 ton compressor and I anticipated 1) i would be hard pressed to find someone on a Saturday and 2) it would likely be an expensive repair. I found Cali Air on Yelp and called and James the owner answered and he was able to fit me into his booked  schedule and fixed the air conditioner,  loose high-voltage wires at the air condensor box outside, He was courteous and  proficient and his pricing surprisingly fair.  James is one the most professional contractors I have every hired in my decades in real estate. I can not say enough accolades about his services and his customer relations.
I highly recommend Cali Air and you will be pleased with his services.

Jacquelynn Kresman
San Diego HVAC & Air Conditioning 5/29/2015
I own/manage rentals in San Diego and decided to upgrade an older 2BR house.  After complaining to a friend in the construction business about the HVAC estimates I had received, I was given the recommendation to call James Kepley at Cali Air.
James is one of the most personable, friendly yet professional guys you will ever meet.  His quote was very reasonable, and as we walked thru the project, he even volunteered to add on a few details that enhanced the job at no extra cost.
One of the things that impressed me so much was the effort he made to share information about the technical aspects of the project, as well as discussing other options that were available that I had not considered....information that will also empower me when planning future improvements or upgrades to other properties.
Needless to say, the job was completed as promised and my tenants and I are more than satisfied.
I am so fortunate to have found Cali Air for all of my HVAC installations and/or repairs.
You will be so pleased when you give James a call!